Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho


Kevin completed his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University
of Waterloo, and recently graduated with a Master of Science in
Physiotherapy from University College Dublin in Ireland. He is currently
completing his licensure to become a registered physiotherapist in Canada.
Prior to completing his training as a physiotherapist, Kevin worked as a
registered kinesiologist in a clinic setting.

Kevin has worked with different patient populations in a variety of clinical
settings, including private practice, acute medical care, stroke
rehabilitation, cancer care, and geriatrics. He is a strong proponent of a
holistic and evidence-based approach to managing injuries, utilizing advice
on symptom management, mindfulness techniques, and pain science education in
conjunction with therapeutic exercise to help patients return to pain-free

Kevin maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys rock climbing, running, and
hiking. Some of his fitness goals include completing his first marathon in
under 3 and a half hours, and summiting Mt. Fuji in Japan.

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Postal address: 10175 Keele Street, Unit 3 Maple, ON
Phone: 905-832-8880
Fax: 905-832-4881