For nearly five years, Maple Health Care & Rehab has served as an integral part of my overall health plan. While managing the challenges associated with a neurological condition both chronic and progressive in nature, it is the sincere, practical and expert approach administered through Massage on a weekly basis that has assured continued comfort within my personal life while extending functionality to a demanding set of career responsibilities. The flexible degree with which I have been able to enjoy life would be impossible without my trusted, positive relationship with Maple Health Care & Rehab.


As a patient at Maple Health Care & Rehab, I can highly recommend the many services they offer in a setting that is calm and relaxing. The staff is friendly, supportive, and accommodating and always helpful – even when I have to call and change an appointment. As someone with chronic upper back issues, I am grateful to the chiropractors and massage therapists at Maple Health Care & Rehab. They have helped me to better realize that with treatment and regular exercise, I can live without pain. A.W. March 2014.


I believe in all of their services. Regular chiropractic care has enabled me to be more flexible and their Core Strength program has strengthened my core area so that I don’t wake up with a sore back anymore. Fabulous group of people.


Thank you so much to all of you for the great help you have given me, and still are giving me. All of your therapists are ‘truly understanding’ to my needs and very professional and comforting. I have referred many patients to the clinic and will continue to do so. Your reception staff is very accommodating in many ways, even via email which helps a lot. Thank you again for all your help.


I experience immediate improvement with my back pain after treatment, and an excellent set of exercises really helps for maintenance at home. The environment at the centre is excellent and it most efficiently run.


We appreciate that the chiro, acupuncture, and others work together for the well being of your clients. Also, you give us exercises that contributes to the efficient progression of the treatments.


After many years of foot pain (plantar fasciitis), my feet are much better after therapy. I am very pleased with the results. And with the chiropractic treatments I feel more flexible.


I found the whole team professional and very helpful, and they helped me personally on my road to recovery. Many thanks to all.