Imelda Hennebert

Imelda Hennebert

Physiotherapist, Acupuncture

Imelda completed her Physiotherapy Degree in Belgium in 1989, with a specialization in Sports Physiotherapy. With over 25 years of experience she is very skilled in the assessment and treatment of a wide variety of acute and chronic orthopedic injuries in adults and children. She has completed many post graduate courses and is trained in Medical Acupuncture.

Through her personal involvement in several sports, including horseback riding, she understands the importance of fitness and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle as well as to achieve maximum recovery following an injury.
She is passionate about helping people through the process of recovery with hands on manual treatment, exercise and education.

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Postal address: 10175 Keele Street, Unit 3 Maple, ON
Phone: 905-832-8880
Fax: 905-832-4881