Jeffrey Lo

Jeffrey Lo

Registered Massage Therapist

Prior to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist from Centennial College, Jeffrey
obtained a BA degree in Kinesiology from York University in 2016. Jeffrey has worked in
various outreach communities and utilizes his knowledge and executes techniques
based on each individuals needs. Jeffrey performs various massage techniques
including deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish and sports massage. Jeffrey treats a
range of ailments and conditions such as low back & neck pain, headaches, sports
injury, strains, tendonitis and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Jeffrey is physically active as he works out at the gym and engages in sports like
basketball and snowboarding. He understands the importance of biomechanics,
strengthening and stretching exercises to help with sport conditioning and injury

Connect with Jeffrey

Postal address: 10175 Keele Street, Unit 3 Maple, ON
Phone: 905-832-8880
Fax: 905-832-4881